Congratulations on your purchase of Romosa products! Before you begin - read through the installation instructions thoroughly prior to beginning. Some notes may be product specific and may not be applicable to your pattern. Please contact us with any questions.
Before you start to hang your wallpaper, get together the necessary tools you will need:
  • Tarp or plastic cover to protect the floor
  • A supply of razor blades
  • Straight edge to assist in the cutting of wallcoverings
  • Smoothing brush
  • Large level
  • Seam roller
  • And a sponge
If you will be pasting the wallcoverings, you will need:
  • A paste brush or roller
  • Roller pan
  • And a large surface to work on
If you are using pre-pasted paper, you will need:
  • A water tray
Keep in mind, that a stepladder is definitely helpful.
Make sure all surfaces are clean, smooth and dry. Remove old wallcoverings or if pasting over existing wallcoverings, make sure old wallcoverings are securely installed on the surface before pasting over. Repair any sections by ensuring there are no peeling surfaces, that all existing seam lines are flat to avoid any obvious ridges. Paint should be checked for sound adhesion. Remove any sections that are peeling or cracking before pasting over. Any accessories, decorations, hardware should be removed and re-installed when the wallcoverings are dry to the touch.
It is best to start hanging your wallcoverings in a corner. For repeat patterns, it is not always possible to control the match between the first strip and the last strip. The least noticeable corner of the room is ideal. Starting in a corner will also avoid running into any problems with shortages. Use the level to make sure your first strip is perfectly straight. 
Examine patterns, colors and shades before you begin. Familiarize yourself with the pattern beforehand is helpful while during installation. Cut the strips a few inches longer than the height of the wall. Paper backed vinyl wallcoverings require a minimum of 10 minutes booking time. Booking should be done immediately after pasting. Pasted sheets should be folded together paste-to-paste (care not to crease the wallcoverings) to meet top to bottom in the center of the strip to allow for any expanding before hanging or for pre-paste to fully activate. Non-woven vinyl wallcoverings do not require booking and can be installed immediately. Apply an even coat of paste directly to the area where the strip is being installed on to.
After hanging the strip on the wall, use the smoothing brush to gently work out any wrinkles in the wallcoverings from top down and take care not to crease it further. At any time, lift off the top or bottom half of the strip to re-align or remove any bubbles. Once the wallcoverings is straight, remove any remaining surface inconsistency with the smoothing brush. Apply an outward motion away from the center and toward the seams of the wallcoverings as this pushes the bubbles outward and smoothes the surface.
Use the razor blade to trim off any excess outlining pieces. The straight edge would be helpful while doing this. Fresh blades are best, to avoid any pull while trimming. Remove any paste that has smeared onto the wallcoverings with a dripping wet sponge. After the paste cures, the residue would be more difficult to remove.
Now you are ready for your second strip. Make sure each strip aligns to the previous one to maintain an even height. When installing wallcoverings with patterns, make sure to join the pattern lines up tightly. Repeat patterns are designed to be joined butt to butt.
For windows, doors, and cut away areas, always trim your strip to a general size that's slightly larger than the intended area. Install the wallcoverings as if it is any other surface and make a diagonal cut from the corners into the center of the opening. Gently fit the cut sections around the frame until it sits flat against the wall. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles and trim the outlining pieces. Remember to use a straight edge anytime there is cutting or trimming. This will ensure that you have a perfect edge after you are complete.
Repeat the steps until all surfaces are pasted and finished. Now, you will be able to sit back and appreciate the beautiful design and room you just completed!
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