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If you have some questions and not sure where to ask, here are some frequently asked questions and answers that might help you get started. If you can't find what you need here, we can be reached at or at (626)337-8555 to speak to someone immediately. We will be more than happy to help.
What is a batch/lot number and how does this affect my purchase?
Each wallpaper roll is assigned a run number or dye lot number at the time it is printed. This number can be found on the packaging labels of each sealed bolt. To ensure consistent color matching, check that all lot numbers are the same on all rolls before hanging. Colors may vary slightly from lot to lot.
Do I need to request for the same batch number when placing an order and how do I request for a specific lot?
No. When ordering wallpaper from us, we make sure that each roll is from the same batch (lot) before packing and shipping the order to you. If a specific lot number is required, due to a previous order you placed with us - write or call us and we'll be able to help you over the phone. Upon receiving your order, unpack each roll to be sure that there are no damaged rolls prior to application.
How do I estimate how many rolls of wallpaper I will need?
Calculate the dimensions of the room / areas you want to wallpaper, then subtract any areas you do not wish to cover such windows and doors. Divide your total square feet by total coverage per roll, round up to the next whole number and this will be your number of rolls needed.
An 8 ft. by 10 ft. wall with a 2 ft. by 2 ft. window and a 7 ft. by 3 ft. door would need one roll of wallpaper (based on a 56.8 square feet per roll coverage) as total area to be covered is 55 square feet.
If your chosen style of wallpaper has a longer repeat pattern, you should consider buying extra to ensure you don't run out.
What is the difference between non woven and paper backed vinyl wallpaper?
Non woven is made from a mixture of synthetic blended materials while paper backed vinyl has a paper substrate laminated to a solid vinyl sheet. Non woven is considered as easier to hang as no booking is required and paste the wall technique can be applied. Non woven wallpaper is also reusable, as it does not expand when adhesive makes contact with the backing. Paper backed vinyl aka solid sheet vinyl is very durable since the decorative layer is a solid sheet of vinyl. It is classified as very washable and peelable. Just like non woven, paper backed can be used in most areas of the home since they are stain and grease resistant.
What is a pattern repeat and the difference among the pattern match kinds?
Pattern repeat is the distance between one point on a pattern design to the next identical vertical matching point. Many of our wallcoverings are available in pattern shapes and designs that make the wallcoverings such a unique and beautiful decorative medium. Prior to hanging, be sure to understand which pattern match your wallcovering consists of. This will ensure a smooth installation and will also help in deciding how much wallpaper to purchase.
A random match is one in which the pattern matches no matter how adjoining strips are positioned. This usually applies to stripes and solid colors. A straight match is one in which the pattern match on adjoining strips. A drop match, also known as half drop, is one in which there is a vertical distance between the matching points. With drop match, the repeat is dependent on the pattern design and the installation. Extra rolls should be purchased when working with wallpapers that have significantdrop match distance. Waste edge should be taken into consideration when planning your project. This will ensure there is no shortage during install.
Does your wallpaper meet Fire Safety Standard Regulations?
Our products have been tested by credited outside laboratory and deemed to be Class A classification for Fire Hazard Standard. A fire rating letter can be supplied upon request.
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