Bringing Dimension Home: Adding Textures and Metallics to Your Walls

Bringing Dimension Home: Adding Textures and Metallics to Your Walls

Posted by Morgan D on 19th Oct 2017

The key to creating a great interior space lies in how you layer materials and how light plays across surfaces. If you want to bring dimension to your home decor , incorporating metallic or textured wallcoverings is a dynamic way to do it.

Adding Texture and Metallics

With both textured and metallic wallcovering installations, paying attention to how the light bounces off the surface of a wall is important.


When it comes to a textured surface, the look and feel of your room can change over the course of a day. Natural light moves across the wall and illuminates your space in dynamic ways. Depending on the lighting and the time of day, your wallcovering may have a flat appearance or become a landscape of raised surfaces. Imagine how you can play with that element as you layer the various pieces of your design.


With metallics, it is all about the shimmer and the way that light refracts over a design on your walls. Adding a little luster to your walls can create a sumptuous and elegant feel to your space. Some patterns boast solid gold, copper or bronze hues, and others produce more of a glitter effect. Having a metallic surface across your walls can bounce the light around the room more evenly, allowing your space to feel bigger and brighter.

Design Styles That Lend Themselves to Wallcoverings

Wallcoverings fit into nearly every design style. Textured or metallic wallcoverings are excellent choices for quite a few of these. If your space is eclectic and you are pulling pieces from many eras and trends, adding visual interest to your room with wallcoverings is a great way to bring your design full circle.

More traditional spaces, those that exude an understated elegance or feature furniture with classical lines, are excellent places for some of the more refined wallcovering styles. For people who love a lot of sparkle or glamorous details, adding a wall of metallic creates a fantastic focal point in a room. Both textured and metallic wallcoverings do well in modern spaces, especially if you are looking for sleek lines.

Ideas for Your Rooms

Many homeowners know they are interested in a particular pattern or style of wallcovering, but they need inspiration when deciding where to install it in their home. If you want to create a focal point in your living room or dining room, consider a single feature wall immersed in an impressive metallic or textured wallcovering. You can use a feature wall to complement a particular piece of artwork or architectural highlights (like a fireplace wall).

If you are adding wainscot to a room, consider applying wallcovering to any wall space above the wood details. There is something sophisticated about dressing the surfaces above and below a chair rail or picture rail. Small rooms, like powder rooms, entryways and hallways present a great opportunity for increasing the level of design with wallcovering. Small spaces limit the amount of styling that can happen with furniture and accessories, and addressing this with a boldly textured or glittering metallic wall can transform an otherwise dull space.

Overall, bringing texture or metallics to your interior walls adds dimension to your design and reflects the light in your space in new and interesting ways.

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